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Get your scare on at these creepy events in Boston


– Pumpkin Carving Contest –

On October 28, The Independent will challenge Halloween faithful to create the ultimate pumpkin art. Hosted in anticipation of all Hallows’ Eve, The Indo’s Pumpkin Carving Contest will pit teams against each other to determine whose decorating skills reign supreme.


– Monster in the Mirror –

The Post-Meridian Radio Players present their 2015 Halloween show Monster in the Mirror! Join us for two original adaptations of classic horor: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and The Frankenstein Murders. The stories are presented in the style of The Golden Age of Radio with actors in front of mics and sound effects made live on stage!


– Haunted Overload –

 like to think of it more like walking into World of Halloween. While other haunts seem to focus more on horror aspects (which is fine by me) these guys make you feel like you’re traveling through the spirit of what is “Scary”. Weather you scare easily or not this place is going to leave an impression on you. Not scared by 3 evil rednecks surrounding you with chainsaws? Doesn’t matter when you look up and realize your walking under a 60ft tall jack-o-lantern creature. 


– USS Salem –

A haunted ship, a dark harbor, and ghosts on Halloween night. What could be more frightening? Discover for yourself why the USS Salem has been featured on the popular TV show Ghost Hunters. The Haunted USS Salem is one of the most popular Boston Halloween Events year after year. Take a tour of the haunted ship and see for yourself the ghosts that terrify even the bravest souls.


– Haunted Houses –

Boston’s top 7 haunted attractions within 1.5 hours of the city:
1) Hammond Castle
2) Bartlett Mansion
3) Haunted Overload
4) Zombie Apocalypse
5) Witch’s Woods
6) Spooky World
7) Factory of Terror

Factory of Terror

– Factory of Terror –

Spine chilling, disturbing, and horrific, the Factory of Terror offers a night of thrills and fears like nothing else. Enter into one of Boston’s most terrifying Haunted Houses and come face to face with moaning spirits, tormented corpses and gothic nightmares in the Bloodworth Dungeon, 4-D Blackout, and Phobia Mayhem. Halloween in Boston has never been so horrifying.


– Zombie Apocalypse –

Every night as the sun sets, the undead emerge from the depths of the 25,000 square foot cityscape, hungry for flesh. Running and hiding is futile, your only option: kill or be killed. Thankfully, all it takes to stop these automated killers is a well-aimed shot of CO2 from your provided rifle. Miss, and you’ll be grabbed by the Zombies who are eager to rob you of your brains.


– Witch’s Woods –

Are you brave enough to take a ride into the Witch’s Woods? Haunted Hayrides to Nightmare Mansion and Castle Morbid are just the beginning. You’ll also visit the Chamber of Chills and the Jack ‘O Lantern Jamboree.