– Start 2016 Right –

Here are a few New Year’s resolutions that you will actually want to keep this year

1. Wake up and be awesome everyday

2. Exercise increases endorphins and that helps make you happy

3. Try at everything you do

4. Small acts of kindness do a lot for your soul

5. Dream bigger than ever before

6. Choose to be happy

7. Live life colorfully

8. Dance in the rain whenever you can

9. Stay weird, it’s more fun

10. Chase as many adventures as possible

11. Think outside the box

12. Do what you love

13. Laughter is great for your abs

14. Spread love everywhere you go

15. Make yourself proud this year of your goals

16. Go outside and breath that fresh air

17. Be creative everyday

18. Be thankful

19. Learn something new everyday

20. Smile for no reason